NEPMUN-Nepal Model United Nations
First Intl Model United Nations in Nepal

About us

NEPMUN is an initiative taken by students for students. Against the backdrop of the Himalayas, this event is a simulation of the real workings of the United Nations. Being hosted in collaboration with the United Nations itself, this student led conference aims to bring together students from different geographical destinations to participate in stimulating debate about burning issues, ideas and problems conflicts prevalent in the world.


NEPMUN is being launched this year with the hope that every delegate who participates, leaves the conference content; with enhanced skills of debating and a better understanding of global issues. For three and a half days, students will debate, write resolutions and negotiate pressing global issues in an attempt to resolve them. It will serve as a melting point for them to connect with different students from different cultures and outlooks. Along with developed skills and greater knowledge, students will take back with them a beautiful experience and memories of new friends. They will also have a chance to explore Nepal, a country with rich diversity and geographical splendor that any ‘international student’ would be enchanted by.


Executive Board & Secretariat Members



This is not just a conference where delegates discuss global issues.


It is a conference that encompasses several other aspects of learning and fun, such as developing bonds with like-minded and different individuals, enhancing skills such as debating and diplomacy that are important in the real world, as well as enjoying in the Himalayan atmosphere. Delegates will also enjoy sightseeing, local cuisine, social night and staying at places which will bring them closer to what Nepal is famous for: nature. They will have an opportunity to meet different students at a global level. I believe such conferences teach one to be a global citizen. MUNs like this help students to think out-of-the-box and develop an international perspective.


I think that as a student, this would be the ideal MUN for me; as, along with being able to participate in an excellent conference comparable to global standards, there will also be an element of fun and social interactions; which I feel is essential in an international MUN.


Based on my experiences as a delegate, I understand the requirements of a successful MUN. I and the entire NEPMUN team have tried to build the structure of this MUN after much thought. Every element of this conference has been carefully planned to ensure optimum learning experiences for delegates. 


I hope each one of you will leave with more knowledge, better understanding of global issues, fond memories and of friends!


Pulkit Jain

Founder & Event Organizer