NEPMUN-Nepal Model United Nations
First Intl Model United Nations in Nepal

Awards Policy

While the purpose of NEPMUN is to work with real-world issues and hone diplomacy skills , we also value delegates who show exemplary skills in various aspects on the MUN. 
Therefore, Awards will be given to those delegates who communicate effectively, represent their country policies, lobby towards consensus, and actively contribute to the committee proceedings.

Delegates will be ranked based on these  criteria: 


1. Speaking (time & quality)*

2. Overall participation

3. Cooperation with committee members

4. Position paper+


Delegates will be ranked on a scale from 0-5 (with 5 being the highest score) for each criterion. The delegates with the highest total overall scores will be the award winners of the committee. In the case of a tie in the numbers, it is up to the Directors’ discretion on who to give the awards to. 


The number of awards per committee will depend upon the level of each committee. 


* Quality  is more important than quantity. Speaking multiple times does not warrant an award in itself.

+ If position paper is not submitted, the delegate will be immediately disqualified for awards consideration.