NEPMUN-Nepal Model United Nations
First Intl Model United Nations in Nepal


This conference is being hosted away at Hilltake Resort at Sanga, roughly 20 kms from Kathmandu. It's away from the hustle of city but has a breathtaking aerial view view of the entire Kathmandu along with the Himalayan mountain range.

Set on 75 ropanis of land with a back-drop of the World's Tallest (143 feet) Shiva statue, HillTake Resort is surrounded by lush green vegetation and tall pine trees in a cool, quiet and pollution-free environment.The chirping of birds makes one forget the hustle and bustle of urban life. It provides a panoramic view of both Himalayan ranges and the beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

Explore the lush fauna of the Nepali countryside by strolling in one of our many gardens.




Learn about the cultural heritage by visiting the KailashNath Mahidev, the largest statue of Shiva in the world. 


Lobby and debate in  state-of-the-art conference halls. 


Unwind and relax at the spa, swimming pool, jacuzzi, or yoga centers. 





Individual delegates can use this tool to calculate your route to the venue.  

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